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Una Pausa Rilassante Dieci Giorni!

Posted on Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 by Mike Manchester

Ciao a Tutti!

Siena Italian Studies has just ended their ten- day break and its back to studying and hitting the books! There is great talk about the many places the group traveled to. While some students decided to stay and explore Italy, others traveled great distances, to places such as: Spain, Greece, London, Ireland, France, Turkey, Czech Republic, Austria and the list goes on…

Through the many delays and cancelations, we all managed to have a great traveling experience with our friends. Ending the previous week with numerous tests and essays, it was definitely time for a break! My group and I had the privilege to travel to Madrid, Barcelona and Greece (no delays!). After five flights, it is safe to say that we all had an amazing time.

First stop: Madrid. Spain’s capital city offered us many beautiful places to visit. While walking through the city, we were able to visit the Plaza Mayor, where we met our travel guide. Plaza Mayor was built during the Habsburg period and is a central plaza in the city. The rectangular shape as well as its nine entrances makes this plaza unique and popular year round.

Carmela, Erica and I in Plaza Mayor

The crowded streets of Madrid had a subtle, yet significant piece of history. The largest city in Spain also happens to have a small area that is the “Center of Spain.” The piece of sidewalk contains a compass, where people are always standing to take pictures.

Carmela and I posing in the center of Spain!

Next Stop: Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia. The weather was amazing, perfect to lie on the beach. Thankfully our hostel allowed us to walk about ten feet and do just that! If we weren’t found on the beach, we went sightseeing and explored the famous Barcelona nightlife. We were definitely not disappointed! We ventured down the boardwalk to the famous Ice Bar, where we were given coats and gloves to keep warm in the below zero temperature.

Tom at the Ice Bar!

Today, Barcelona is one of the world’s leading tourist, economic and cultural- sport centers. The lively city attracts tourists for its commerce, entertainment, media, fashion and arts. We were unable however, to keep up with the infinite sites Barcelona offers. Although, we were sad to leave, we were on the way to our next destination…Greece!

Last Stop: Rhodes, Greece. Arriving in Greece was absolutely an experience. As the taxis took us from the airport to our hotel, we noticed that the potential crazy island was completely dead. We had missed the busy season by two weeks! Apparently in the summer up until the beginning of October, Rhodes is heavily populated; packed with tourists and college students. We were lucky however with the weather. The beach was gorgeous and the weather perfect for a much needed tan.

On our third day, we explored a little further and found a place where we could all go banana- boating and parasailing. For a pretty cheap price, all ten of us hopped in the banana boat and began to see different parts of the island.

The water was crystal blue and not even the slightest bit cold. I could literally see all the way to the bottom! As the speedboat stopped, the driver insisted that we jump off and swim into one of the caves. The banana-boating experience was a special one. Being able to explore the island by boat was breathtaking; it made the whole trip worth it.

After, some of the girls and I went parasailing. The view from up above was just as amazing, though I had been screaming the whole entire time. This was the day that turned our Greece adventure right around.

While my group traveled to Spain and Greece, others made it to Ireland and London!

The Guinness Factory!

London is a beautiful place, but even here students were able to see “Occupy London”

All in all, the stress of making our several flights, busses and trains was completely worth it. The ten-day break was the perfect opportunity for our group to relax, unwind and enjoy the beautiful sights these places offered!

Addio per ora!

-Alexandra Vigliarolo

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