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The “Three Weeks” Are Almost Over!

Posted on Thursday, September 23rd, 2010 by Mike Manchester

The three-week intensive Italian course is almost over.  The key word here is intense.  Not only are the students subjected to 5 hours of Italian class per day, but there are also all of the activities in between like our historic night walks where we cover the old city center in two evenings of walking while Antonio recounts centuries worth of legend and myth that lie inside the medieval walls.

Not to take anything away from classes or all the other activities, but I think that it’s safe to say that the most popular event during the intensive Italian period is cooking school with Lella. We are lucky enough to be next-door-neighbors with Lella Cesari Ciampoli owner of Lella’s Cooking School (www.scuoladicucinadilella.net) here in the “Fontebranda” area of town.  Our students get to go to cooking school twice during their time here, once during the intensive three weeks, and once during the regular semester.  During each class they learn how to prepare pasta, sauces, meats, and a dessert.  The best part is that once everything is prepared, then it’s time to eat!

This weekend and on into next week we’ll be taking our extended trip together as a whole group.  It’s a perfect moment to get relax after the three-week intensive course before the semester begins.  Early on Sunday morning we’ll leave for Pisa, where Marianna, SIS Italian Prof. and native to Pisa, will give us a tour of the city.  Pisa is often undiscovered by most tourists who stop only to see the leaning tower.  Most people don’t realize that Pisa has an important history that dates back to the Romans and at a certain point in controlled most of the western coast of the Italic peninsula.  After Pisa we’ll make our way out of Tuscany and into Liguria where we’ll explore the Cinque Terre and other seaside towns.  Pics of the trip will follow in next week’s post.


At the hot springs

Italian class on a warm Thursday underneath the medieval Basilica di San Domenico

Lella, (center, back) standing on a chair to get a better view of her students before cooking class

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