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SIS Reunion 2014

Posted on Thursday, June 27th, 2013 by Mike Manchester

The reunion will take place on the 27th and 28th of June 2014.   At this point a sure schedule has not been decided.  However for sure there will be a dinner on the evening of the 28th, which everyone is invited too, including host families and friends.  Click Here to see the schedule of events.

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The dates of the reunion have been selected purposely close to the Palio.  In fact the Palio events start on the 29th and the race is on the 2nd of July.  Attendees are welcome to stay on after the reunion to attend the Palio, however we will have Summer 2014 students, and it will not be possible for the school to organize some activities. (Specifically dinners in Contradas will be for Summer 2014 students.)  We will be able to provide first-time Palio-goers with a schedule of events and insider tips.  We recommend that if you choose to stay, plan on staying in Siena until, the 3rd.


As far as lodging is concerned we ask you not to ask your former host families as it is extremely unlikely they will be able to host you.  Amazingly enough many of our families have hosted students for 10 years and we would hate to put them in a position of having to “choose favorites”.  Stay tuned as we will provide accommodation info soon.


Registration fee will be $35 for everyone wishing to participate. Payment can be maid by check or paypal to the following info:

Please make out check to Nove Culturae Ventures for $35
Please send the check to
Roni Kennison
2223 Forest Oaks Dr
Dallas, TX 75228

If you cannot send a check or do not have a checkbook you can send a paypal to Roni at roni.kennison@gmail.com.  Please send as: “I’m sending money to family or friends” and NOT the goods or services one.
Checks are preferable to paypal.

Sign Up

To sign up follow the link, Registration Form.  Deadline for sign up is April 22nd.  In the coming months, you will receive an email from us, with more information, such as schedule of events.

Other Info

If you have any other questions feel free to email, sisreunion2014@gmail.com Or post on the Facebook event page.  Also stay up to date by following us on Twitter or Facebook

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