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Posted on Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 by Mike Manchester

It’s hard to believe that we’re halfway through the semester.  It’s also equally amazing how fast weeks and months seem to breeze by in a place like Italy where the pace of each individual day is apparently slower than the American one.  For everyone’s benefit, I’ll stop short of getting into the physics of space and time and just say that, indeed, we’re moving ahead in the fall, 2010 term.

The school is currently silent and I’m actually writing this installation from home today because we’re on break right now!  Roni went back to the US for a week to spend some time with friends and family while the rest of the staff is taking it easy and working on some of the things that never get done while we’re concentrating on the students.  The students? Well, they’re all over Italy and Europe until next Sunday.  I hope they’re all having fun!

Last week one of our professors, Alfonso Casella, had much to celebrate as his second book to be published was released.  I picked up a copy and I have to say that it is very unique approach to a book.  Complimenti Alfonso!

We had a visit from an Italian student who will be working with Marianna on a project that may bring students from the former Yugoslavia to study here in Siena with us.

Last but not least I’ve been meaning to mention Lavinia, Nate, and Eliza’s work for our conference in the spring here on our site.  Check it out if you have a moment.        http://www.sienaitalianstudies.com/intercultural_horizons.php

Ciao Ciao!


Alfonso's second book!

No photoshop here, just the colors in the driveway as I wrote the blog.

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