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What is the multi destination internship study abroad program with Siena Italian Studies?

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The Multi Destination internship program is a multi-country study abroad experience, which enables students to live an intercultural experience in two different countries within the same semester while developing their global citizenship. 

Both semester study abroad programs start in Siena, Italy at the Siena Italian Studies study center where students spend the first 6 weeks of the program. Staff and professors with Siena Italian studies are leaders in Europe when it comes to study abroad and intercultural communication.  Students will build a strong foundation of intercultural competence in Siena that will be key to the success during the internships that follow. The following 8 weeks can be spent in Brussels, Belgium or Yaoundè, Cameroon. While the academic courses take place in Siena, during their stay in Brussels or in Yaoundè students will participate in internships and Service-Learning activities. 

Siena/Brussels option:

This European Multi Destination study abroad program, is for international studies students who would like to improve their understanding of Europe and its institutions. In Brussels, the capital of Europe, students can choose from an assortment of possibile internships with European organizations, NGO’s and other non-profit organizations.  The internship phase of this international study abroad opportunity lasts for 8 weeks.

Siena/Yaoundè option:

The African Multi Destination study abroad program  is perfect for students interested in social work and international development.  Students will deepen their understanding of the complicated and evolving relations between European and African nations after colonization. In Yaoundè, students will participate in internships with REPCAM (Relais Enfants-Parents du Cameroun) for a minimum of 8 weeks.

Both multi-country study abroad programs aim at creating and enhancing global citizenship through cultural Immersion, internships and Service-Learning activities.

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