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In October… by Sarah Pascuzzi

Posted on Monday, November 19th, 2012 by Mike Manchester

In October, we traveled to two different farms, where one produced pecorino cheese, the other “Cinta senese”. While visiting the pecorino farm, the group learned about the process of making cheese, from the birth of animals to the shipping and packing of the product. The group toured the family-operated factory and learned that the factory has certification to call their product organic. The farm gains their organic label because they have control over every aspect of the process. They produce the grain, which they feed to the animals; the animals are raised on the farm and the farm receives their milk from the animals. The farm has different types of pecorino cheeses, such as pecorino rosso, pecorino di fossa, and pecorino vegetariano. The different cheeses had different tastes, which we were able to try. One cheese aged for 3 months, another for 6 months, and the last has aged for 1 year. The best part of the experience was being able to go out in the field and play with the sheep. Chris, John, and other students chased the sheep, causing the sheep to panic and run around in circles. Watching the sheep run nervously was very funny and their reaction was priceless. After the visit to the pecorino cheese farm, we visited a farm where pigs are produced to make “cinta senese”. We learned about the raising of the pigs and the regulations the farm must follow in regards in finding and raising the pigs. We saw many generations of cinta senese, from the newborns to the parents that birthed them. After learning and seeing how the farm operated, we tasted different parts of the pigs. The shoulder, the cheek, the spine of the pig…we even tasted the fat, which melted in the mouth! The trip had a little something for everyone, from great tastes, facts, memories, and laughs; this trip is definitely something we’ll remember for awhile.

Sarah Pascuzzi

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