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Due Blog In Uno!

Posted on Friday, December 17th, 2010 by Mike Manchester

My plan for the final blog entry for the Fall 2010 semester wast to simply post a bunch of student’s pictures.  To tell you the truth, that’s still my plan.  What better way to sum up the semester that through the eyes of the students who lived it?

I think, however that before I get to those pictures that today’s events deserve some attention.  Today, as the students were taking their final exam for Italian class, this started to happen:

San Domenico as the snow started...

…And then some more fell…

Jillian in the snow

…And enough snow fell throughout the day, that I was able to make this in front of my house:


So I guess the snow is Siena’s gift to us all after a semester’s worth of hard work.  Now, with no further ado, student photos!

click fall semester 2010 (the resolution isn’t the great, but it’s the best that our site can do.  The same video is on the Siena Italian Studies facebook page.  The resolution’s a bit better.)

Thanks to Jillian Marziglaino, Elizabeth Viles, Rebekah Smith, Chelsea Flaim, and Gabriella Baetti for the photos.

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