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Tutti In Piazza

Posted on Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 by Mike Manchester

It’s officially Palio time, here in Siena. Explaining the Palio in all of its entirety is too tall of an order in this humble, weekly blog so here are a few links to some sites that can more profoundly widen your knowledge on Siena’s, and maybe the world’s, most famous horse race.





In my opinion after 10 years of living in Siena, the best way to understand the event is to actually live it. Our current students are lucky enough to do just that (although don’t despair as there WILL be an “next time” for those of you who can’t be here now. The race has been happening for centuries!). This morning we took everyone into the Piazza Del Campo to see the batterie where 33 horses were tested and then after Italian class we headed back into the Piazza to see the emotional tratta, where 10 of the 33 horses from the morning were then assigned by lottery to the 10 contradas (neighborhoods) who are running this year. Like every year, there is a lot of speculation as to who will win, but no one will know for sure who the victor is until Friday evening.

Plenty of emotion and livelihood awaits us all as well as plenty of work. Even though the Palio is dominant this week, we still have a full class schedule. By Saturday, we’ll all be ready for a free weekend.

I’d also like to say arrivederci to our five students Jen Hamilton, Melinda Harrison, Melissa Harbison, Dan Lisoski, and Patrick Masseo who left this past weekend after one month of being with us. I’m sure they’ll tell you that their month flew by, but that it was jam packed with new experiences. Grazie ragazzi!

La Tratta photo by Christina Angelilli

La Tratta photo by Christina Angelilli

Jen, Patrick, Dan, Melissa and Melinda photo by Christina Angelilli

Jen, Patrick, Dan, Melissa and Melinda photo by Christina Angelilli

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