SIS Summer Language Study

SIS Summer Language Study

Siena Italian Studies can create a wide range of opportunities for European students.  Here is an example that is one of our most popular programs for European students.  Keep in mind that modifications can be made to this so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Program Dates (2020):

3 Weeks : Thursday, July 9th – Thursday, July 30th, 2020

6 Weeks: Friday, June 12th – Thursday, July 30th, 2020

There is also a possibility to participate in a 10 Week program, if desired: Contact us for Info


Italian language course from 45 up to 100 hours

Siena Italian Studies provides Italian language courses courses Italian for any level of Italian proficiency.  At the end of the course students will take the CILS/PLIDA exam and receive the Internationally recognized CILS/PLIDA certification.  All books and didactic materials are provided to all students by the program.

Intercultural Reflections Seminar

(1 hr/week) Structured and guided reflection is key to the Intercultural Reflections Seminar. Our students are stimulated to reflect on every single intercultural encounter they have, which can include but are not limited to reflections on: the surrounding environment, historic testimony, the host family, relationships between men/women, his/her peers, service.

The objective is to create a reflective awareness that allows students to open themselves to the world without getting lost, to discover the confines of their own culture interacting with those of the host culture, to see reality from different perspectives and to feel common ties of humanity under the flow of apparent differences. Reflective writing is the student’s personal tool to create his/her own personal understanding and knowledge.

All students enrolled at SIS take the Intercultural Reflections Seminar. The class meets once a week, during which students submit weekly entries concerning their studies and their overall experience/service and share them with their peers. Class is led by the Intercultural Reflections Facilitator, who serves as a bridge between the two cultures by facilitating students’ process of decoding and encoding cultural signs.

Included Activities

Participating students will be provided with a transfer from Pisa airport to Siena*.  Each session begins with an orientation session and a welcome cocktail for all students.  The following is a list of activities:

  • Guided trekking in the historical center of Siena
  • Participation in Palio and introductory lessons

*Enrollment must meet a minimum number for airport pick-up on designated arrival day.

Optional Activities

Siena Italian Studies staff is happy to organize extra activities for students.  Please inquire about prices for the following optional activities.

  • Local wine and cheese tasting
  • A Visit to Siena’s underground tunnels, i bottini
  • Local museums: Il Museo Civico and Santa Maria della Scala
  • Excursion to the seaside (1 night in the hotel. Dinner, breakfast and dinner.)
  • A day at the pool in the Chianti region
  • Tuscan Cooking Classes
  • Dinner the day before Palio di Siena (ONLY available on July 1st)
  • Visits to local farms and/or vineyards to experience local products
  • Visits to Florence and museums such as the Galleria degli Uffizi or Duomo di Firenze
  • A final dinner at the end of the program with all participating students.
Not Included
  • Airline tickets
  • Medical Insurance
  • Personal expenses

Housing Options for European Students

Siena Italian Studies is specialized as a full immersion program.  For this reason we believe that the best option for our students is to experience local culture by living with local host families.  However, there is an option for European students to live in apartments as well.

The host family option includes:

  • A room in an apartment with an Italian family.
  • Breakfast and Dinner (Monday to Friday)
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Weekly laundry

* Host families will provide lunch on the weekends if students are in Siena but they do not provide lunches during the week.  SIS provides the option for lunch coupons that are valid Mon-Fri at two local cafes near the school.  This option is 120€ / month.  Students can also choose to explore the many options in Siena and eat on their own.

The private apartment option includes:

  • A single room a private apartment (possibly shared with other students).
  • Laundry and food at the student’s expense.

* SIS can help locate an apartment for any participating students.  However SIS does not own private apartments nor does the program have agreements with local owners or B & B operators. Prices and locations may vary for private apartments.