The program lasts 15 weeks, however time in Brussels can be extended. The first 6 weeks will be dedicated to the academic courses in Siena, Italy. You will attend classes and immerse yourselves in Siena’s fascinating, ancient culture, surrounded by a medieval landscape. While in Siena, you’ll also be exposed to Siena Italian Studies’ unique, intercultural approach to education so that you’ll be prepared for what some next in Brussels, Belgium’s and Europe’s capital city. In Brussels you’ll spend at least 8 weeks participating in service learning activities such as internships, job shadowing, or community service. Service will take place at different European associations or NGOs and in the meantime you’ll be experiencing the multicultural diversity that distinguishes and identifies our European capital.

EU Policy and Development Course

The coursework will focus on the EU, it’s organization, Italy’s role within the EU, and issues regarding development policy within the EU

Internships in Brussels

Depending on the students particular interests opportunities for internships can vary.  Here is an example of an NGO with whom we collaborate.

Italian and French Courses

Language skills are crucial to understanding European diversity and you’ll have the opportunity to develop language skills in both Italian and French while on the program.


Host Families in Siena and Brussels

We believe that there is no better way to experience local culture than living with locals.  Students will experience Europe’s diversity in many ways, including exposure to daily life in both Italian and Belgian families.   Host families also represent an important element in ensuring the personal safety of all of our students.  We carefully select host families so that students will have local experts to help them navigate the cities and the culture.

Upcoming Program dates:

  • Spring 2019

    Sunday, January 13th – Wednesday, May 1st, 2019

  • Fall 2019

    Sunday, September 1st – Sunday, December 15th, 2019

We would love to be your guide to understanding Europe during this edifying and culturally diverse experience. Contact us for more information!



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