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Principianti, intermedi, and avanzati…

Posted on Friday, April 13th, 2012 by Mike Manchester

I’m in the advanced Italian class here (this semester there are three levels: principianti, intermedi, and avanzati). For the students who came to Siena with no knowledge of the Italian language aside from Ciao, Spaghetti, and Pizza, the beginner course was the place for them. The rest of us were then divided based on a small pretest. At the end of the day, the goal is just to learn to speak Italian and to communicate with our homestay families and our new community – which we all are doing – but I just thought I’d give you all an idea of how the Italian Language & Grammar courses work!

In any case, my class decided to take some time to find quotes that meant something to us and translate them into Italian. We each read them aloud and then voted to determine which we liked best as a class. Below is a quote chosen by one of my classmates, Annabelle. Yep, it’s in Italian – so today’s post is a bit of a game. My suggestion would be to use Wordreference.com to look up the words you don’t know. Be wary of Google Translate … it’s not always correct!

Preferisco essere abbastanza matto per compiere delle pazzie, piuttosto che abbastanza stupido per credere a delle sciocchezze. -Andrea Mucciolo


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