Multi Destination Programs

Multi Destination Programs

To help mitigate some of the effects of Covid-19 on opportunities to study abroad for Fall Semester 2020, Siena Italian Studies has made the following adjustments to its programming:

1. SIS is still currently enrolling students for its multi destination fall semester with the hopes it will be able to proceed. Application deadline has been extended to *July 1st, withdrawal penalties have been waived up to 15 days prior to departure. If travel restrictions have not been lifted in July the program will be reduced to <90 program with likely start date Sept. 27th.*


This option entails 6 weeks online + 8 weeks on-site in either Belgium or Cameroon to complete the internship portion of the semester (includes accommodations with a host-family, local activities, service-learning, internship placement and assistance)

    For more information regarding these opportunities please contact info@sienaitalianstudies.com

Since 2004 Siena Italian Studies has been dedicated to creating experiences for undergraduates that go beyond traditional study abroad by working towards more profound, intercultural experiences.  Given our unique experience and current international situations we feel that right now is the perfect time to create new, more dynamic opportunities.  We will still be offering our updated, traditional immersion semester in Siena, however we are proud to introduce two new ways that students can gain a broader intercultural competence through our program.

European Option – Siena/Brussels

Siena Italian Studies has created a multi-destination experience with the goal of enhancing your learning process through a Full-immersion program that relies heavily on Service-Learning. You will start in Siena, Italy and will end in Brussels (Belgium), the capital of Europe.  The European Union represents an extremely dynamic and complicated affiliation between many different cultures.  Students who choose this option will take all of their academic courses during an initial 6-week period in Siena.  While in Siena, students will follow a course on the EU, it’s organization, Italy’s role within the EU, and issues regarding development policy within the EU and outside.   After Siena, students will stay in Brussels, Belgium for a minimum of 8 weeks where they will participate in internships with NGO’s in Brussels.  Language courses will be offered for both Italian as well as French because after the courses finish in Siena, students will spend the rest of the semester in Brussels, Belgium in internship positions that will give them a better perspective on how the EU operates.



African Option – Siena/Yaoundè

The relationship between European nations and African nations has evolved a great deal since the various periods of colonization.  While relations between the two are often complicated, there are plenty of examples of modern collaboration.  Siena Italian Studies has been collaborating for years with an organization in Yaoundè, Cameroon that supports children whose parents are incarcerated (REPCAM).  Students that choose this option take their courses in Siena for the first 6 weeks.  They will also have French language instruction as well as a focus on Cameroonian culture from the point of view of Cameroonians that live in Siena   Following the initial period in Siena, students will travel to Yaoundè, where they will fulfill the rest of the semester with an internship with REPCAM.