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Goodbye, Hello

Posted on Thursday, May 29th, 2008 by Mike Manchester

It’s a beautiful day in Siena.  We’re right in between spring and summer.  The countryside is in full bloom, I’m only wearing a t-shirt, but it’s not too hot yet.  The weather was just as wonderful on Sunday for our final lunch at Campriano (www.campriano.it) with our spring 2008 group.

For me after seven years of working with the program, I always appreciate the final moments with the students.  Each semester poses challenges to both the students and also to the staff.  Personally, I feel like I grow just as much as our students do as each semester I’m reminded that everyone is a unique individual who adapts to new situations in their own way. Thus, there are always new eyes to look through and observe the circumstances of life in Siena.  It’s always hard to say goodbye to people, but if the goodbye is a difficult one, then that means that the time spent was done so well. 

We are all taking a bit of a break as we gear up for our summer students.  I’m most excited about or newest project that is our very own SIS garden that will benefit the local soup kitchen where our students provide service.  All of our summer students will have the opportunity to work there. 

To all who are leaving, I hope your return home is a good one.  To those on their way here, I can’t wait to meet you.

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