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Posted on Wednesday, November 28th, 2012 by Mike Manchester


At SIS, we are required to do service in the Siena community. I have done service at “Il Laboratorio,” the soup kitchen, the highschool, and Misericordia (the ambulance place). I love doing service, mostly just to be able to interact with other Italians. At the Misericordia, it is usually slow in the afternoons and most of us are usually stuck inside playing card games. At first I would get kind of annoyed about not being able to go out on the ambulance, but now I am realizing that hanging out with the Italians and teaching each other card games is also a great aspect to service. It is pretty difficult to learn how to play a card game when it is taught to you in Italian… it is also very hard to teach a card game and attempt to explain it in Italian. These pictures are from our normal afternoon card game. Sometimes it gets intense and Daniel always has the best gestures and expressions so most of the pictures are of him. I am definitely grateful for the opportunities and experiences that service has brought to me, it really helps to be a part of the culture.


Getting ready…
Making the first move!
Starting another game….
Finally understanding and really making the game intense.

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