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Fall study abroad in Siena Italy

It’s time to think about where to study abroad this fall and Siena Italian Studies is one of the best study abroad programs in Italy for your fall semester.

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Siena, Italy is the perfect location for a fall semester study abroad program.  Located in the heart of Italy just one hour from Florence and not far from other cities like Rome and Venice, Siena is in one of the best locations in all of Italy.  The city is comfortable and easy to navigate and meeting locals is guaranteed.  

Nobody knows the city better than Siena Italian Studies, the only study abroad program that is 100% run from the city of Siena.  Many study abroad programs in Italy are run by large companies whose headquarters are far from the actual cities and study centers where they take place.  Siena Italian Studies staff and professors take pride in the fact they they all work towards the one same goal that is to create the highest possible study abroad experience for every semester program.  

Gentle full immersion study abroad program:
Language and cultural immersion is what we are known for in the world of study abroad programs and.  At Siena Italian Studies we accept all types of students regardless of their previous language instruction as we believe that all study abroad students should be able to experience local culture to its fullest.  

Tuition for our study abroad semester is all inclusive!  You’ll get:

  • 24 hour staff support
  • University credit for Italian and electives
  • Host family (all of our host families are vetted an approved by our staff)
  • Service-Learning opportunities to work with the local community
  • Overnight trips and plenty of local, cultural activities
  • Plenty of free time to explore Italy and Europe

Whether you’re looking for a gap year abroad of a more traditional study abroad semester, Siena Italian Studies can be flexible enough to give you exactly what you need. 

The fall semester program for 2020 starts on Sept 6th, 2020 and goes until Dec. 20th, 2020. Come study abroad with us!

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