Educational Approach


At SIS we do everything for a reason. Whether we take you out for a gelato, head to the beach for the day, or enjoy an evening at the Opera, there is always a reason behind it. We want you to feel, see, and taste every aspect of Italy and its culture.
If you to Siena for either Fall, Spring or Summer programs, you will do or see the following:

  • All Siena city-museums (Museo Civico and Santa Maria della Scala)
  • Visit the medieval aqueducts of Siena; locally know as bottini.
  • Tuscan cooking lesson
  • Wine tasting and lesson
  • Day-trip to the beach and/or hot springs
  • Day-trip to Florence and visit either the Uffizi Gallery or the Duomo of Florence.

Fall & Spring Programs:

  • 4-Day trip (ie. Italian Alps, Cinque Terre, Venice)
  • Opera show
  • Much more…