About Siena Italian Studies

Our Story

Siena Italian Studies was founded in 2004 by Lavinia Bracci and Antonella Filippone together with former study abroad students Roni Kennison, Mike Manchester, and Eliza Nash. They shared the same desire to create something unique.  The same people still comprise the core of the staff and professors today.

By nature Siena Italian Studies is a living example of intercultural collaboration.  Our dream was to create a program for motivated students who have a desire to experience culture through immersion. We began with a small facility but today we have an entire, three-floor building.

Siena Italian Studies has evolved over the years to become the city of Siena’s most original study abroad program as well as a recognized innovator for study abroad in Europe. Siena Italian Studies receives students from a number of colleges and universities in the United States, as well as elsewhere around the world. Though the majority of our students originate from the U.S., we have welcomed students from Poland, Ecuador, Thailand, and Cambodia and continue to welcome and encourage any and all who desire an intercultural learning experience in Siena.