About Siena Italian Studies

Educational Experience

The educational approach of Siena Italian Studies‘ educational approach is based on a combination of spontaneous learning and guided learning. Students learn spontaneously thanks to everyday interaction with host families, language partners, staff and volunteers in service sites and members of the local community. In addition, students are also guided in Italian language and culture through daily classes. Both spontaneous and guided learning processes combine and help students to develop language and intercultural competencies.


During their first days in Siena, students meet and get to know their host families, professors and program staff members; in addition, they are introduced to important and useful sites and facilities in the city. They also receive information about courses, schedules, class activities and excursions. During the orientation period students take an Italian placement test and are divided into different levels.


Intensive Italian course

In the first three weeks students concentrate on the study of Italian Language. They take language classes for a total amount of 75 hours, including in-class work as well as language-related activities in the local community. During these intensive weeks students begin to attend the semester-long Reflective Writing course. At the end of the intensive language course students take a final test to reassess their level for further language study which will last for the remainder of the semester.



Students continue their study of Italian Language for two hours daily, four days a week.  In addition, students begin their content courses. Students can choose among different academic fields based on their interests or major studies. Content courses include in-class and outside activities, ongoing evaluation and final assessment. Students also continue the reflection process through the Reflecting Writing course.  All of our courses are approved for U.S. academic credit through an agreement with Portland State University.

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