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Siena Italian Studies is a study abroad program based at the International Center for Intercultural Exchange in Siena, Italy. Our programs are a 'gentle full-immersion' in Italian life for highly motivated beginners, intermediate and advanced Italian language students. Offering some of the most innovative programs in Italy that work to fully integrate the education of language, culture and service-learning, in and out of the classroom, we strive to offer students an environment where they can become interculturally competent and function as global citizens.

Our classes are taught using an instructional approach we have developed over the years, known as FICCS (Full-Immersion: Culture, Content, & Service). Using this approach, which combines guided and spontaneous learning acquisition, students are asked to employ new language skills both in the classroom and in service situations giving them a learning experience like no other.

Our programs are intended for students with a wide range of motivations for studying abroad. From acquiring a mastery of the Italian language, to using a local Renaissance chapel as your art history classroom, to working alongside the city's volunteer medical assistance team, Siena Italian Studies provides you with the means to create an unforgettable experience abroad.

SIS participates as a partner in the EUFICCS (European Use of Full-Immersion, Culture, Content, Service) approach for Language Learning project, funded by the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme - Key Activity 2 (Languages). The project aims at aims at enhancing the motivation and capacity of language learners to study a foreign language in the country where it is spoken as mother tongue with the use of an innovative methodology elaborated along the project and applied to the learning of Italian, Spanish and Portuguese as second languages". To learn more, click here.

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Siena Bridge Program

The new Bridge Program offers incoming SUNY Geneseo freshman the chance to spend the fall semester in Siena. Read more here.

Map the Gap!

Siena Italian Studies hosts Map the Gap International semester and summer programs in Siena for gap year students. For more details you can visit their site.


Siena Italian Studies hosts the IPSL program in Siena. For more information you can go to their site.


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